Friday, December 26, 2014

Typing week12: My favorite high school memory

I have a lot of high school memories. I still get along with my friends in high school. However, the most enjoyable memory is school trip. I went to Kyoto, Hyogo Osaka and Nara. Kyoto is very different from Kumamoto. Kyoto has a lot of historical buildings and food. In addition, there are still some old streets and houses. I really liked to visit Kiyomizu temple and Kinkaku temple. I was fascinated by these buildings. I had free time in Kyoto, so I went sightseeing with my friends. I had a wonderful time. Before last day, I visited USJ. It was second time. However, I could enjoy there. I bought a lot of souvenirs. It was enchanted time for me. Probably, I was very exciting. I bought a strap. It was the same as my friends’ straps. It was precious to me. On the other hand, some of students went Yoshimoto Shinkigeki. That time, the most popular and funny entertainer appeared. Because of that, I would like to visit there next time I will go to Osaka.

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Typing week11: I like and hate animals

I like big animals. For instance horse, cattle, bear, elephant and the like. When I was a child, I rode a horse. It was wonderful experience, and I will never forget. In addition, our hometown have a culture that we eat sliced raw horsemeat. When I told my friends from Hokkaido, they were very surprised to know that. On the other hand, I hate small animals. For example, dogs, cats, hamster, birds and so on. These are unpleasant for me. Just looking is no problem, but I don't want to touch them. I don't want to get close them. When I was a child, a dog ran after me!! That dog was so big and savage. It was really frightening experience for me. After that, I became to not like animals. Due to the experience, I had lots of trouble. When I took science tests, pictures of animal were posted the papers. I was shocked and I hid the picture in stationeries.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Typing week10: My favorite dessert

My favorite dessert is ice cream. One of my favorite ice cream is Haagen Dazs. I know it is more expensive than other kind ice cream. That's way, I could eat only when I was sick. However, it is not so expensive in Canada. In addition, it is big! For the first time, I was surprised and happy. In China, it is also not cheap, so I and my roommates bought it every time. We ate vanilla, chocolate, cookie and others. Every taste is yummy! In Japan, we only see cup. However, the supermarket where I usually go have not only cup but also bar. One box have only 3, so it is not enough for us, but it is very delicious. I prefer bar to cup. Aspect of variation andquantity, Canada is superior I think. That's why, I want to eat much before I go back to Japan!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Typing week9: My favotite class

My favorite class is writing. I understand I need to take conversation class, but it is very hard and difficult last semester. Our teacher's pronunciation different from other teacher, so listening to her English is difficult. However, I like her. She is really learned person. However, we needed to talk a lot and did presentations. Japanese students were exhausted to death. Of course, I am happy to attend all lectures, and done all assignments. On the other hand, writing is just enjoyable. Our teacher is very funny. In addition, our class had only 8 students, so teacher taught each student about our mistakes. It is very nice for students. We also practiced conversation. However, sometimes we played games, so I enjoy learning. The most favorite point about writing class is I weren't exhausted. I don't know the classes next term, so I am a little afraid of next class. However I hope I can enjoy learning.

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Typing week8: My favorite place

My favorite place is TESL Center in Saint Mary's University. I am a TESL student now. I love it, because there are my friends who are from other countries and wonderful teacher. I don't like quiz, but I like classes. I can learn a lot of things. One class have about 10 students, so I have many opportunity to say my opinions and ask questions to my teacher. In addition, There are sence of the seasons, especially, Christmas. Recently, TESL staffs decorated the building. It is very cute! We don't have opportunities social gathering to SMU students. I think it is better KGU. However, they give us a lot of events. For example, Yoga, Chicken wings, NS tour, getting NS ID, Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the like.  I am very happy to come TESL center, and I am filled with gratitude to there. After I go back to Japan, definitely I will miss there.


Typing week7: My favorite book

My favorite book is Yae no Sakura. It was broadcasted as NHK long drama a few years ago. This is historical story. It is set in Fukushima. When this drama was broadcasted, after Tohoku great earthquake. I prefer book rather than drama. Of course I like drama too, because cast was very beautiful and handsome. However, novel describe feeling of character more detailed. Main character is Yae who is as tough as a man. She learned how to use gun from her brother and she fought as a man in the war. After she lost, she learned English and something from other countries. It is not normal, because at that time, women stayed home. Every women didn't use gun except her. The most important reason I like this book is I can learn Japanese history. When I was a high school student, I learned world history. Actually I prefer Japanese history to it. So, I like this book, and I want to read other historical novel.


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Typing week6: My favorite flower

Let me explain about my favorite flower. I love sunflower. Because I can feel summer. It is beautiful and like the sun. This flower turns toward the sun, so the language of flower is "I gaze at only you." The place of origin is North America. In Peru, It was important as symbol o sun god. I also like the color. Recently, I like yellow, so I sometime buy yellow clothes. In addition, my class in preschool was sunflower class. That's way, I feel a special attachment to this flower. When I was preschool student, I danced to a music. That song is "Flower" by KinKi Kinds. I think I never forget this song. No matter how hard or difficult it may be, I will be ok as long as I listen to this song. I like lyrics. "Let's grow love flower, it will be strong like sunflower in blue sky."


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